Can I use biodiesel in my car or truck

Are there any modifications required in my diesel vehicle to use my biodiesel?

In most cases you can start using biodiesel immediately without any modification. The only exception is older (pre-1985 diesels) may have natural rubber fuel lines which are susceptible to slow degradation with biodiesel. Just replace these with current synthetic fuel lines, and you’re done. We also recommend that you replace your fuel filter after your first tank of biodiesel, since biodiesel is a very good solvent and will scrub out all the tars, varnishes, and gums left by fossil diesel in your fuel system.

Can I use my biodiesel for other diesel fueled devices, such as home heating oil furnaces?

Biodiesel can be safely used in ANY device which can use #2 diesel fuel or home heating oil, including cars, trucks, tractors, generators, pumps, heaters and home furnaces.

Can I mix my biodiesel with regular petroleum diesel?

You can mix biodiesel in ANY ratio, back and forth, with no problems.

How safe is biodiesel to handle? What about spills?

Biodiesel is non-toxic, fully biodegradable, and safer to store than petro-diesel.

How long can I store biodiesel?

Biodiesel can be stored for years provided that it is kept free of condensation and bacteriological growths (just add a common diesel biocide).

How can I verify that the biodiesel I make is safe enough to use in my diesel engine?

First, the biodiesel/glycerin should have a very clean and distinct separation without a third layer. Second, doing a simple “mixability” test of your biodiesel with an equal amount of water in a jar to see how fast the biodiesel separates from the water will give a very sensitive indication of how pure it is.

Will my biodiesel void my diesel engine’s warranty?

Most major diesel vehicle manufacturers have already acknowledged that biodiesel will NOT void your warranty. Check with your dealer or diesel mechanic for further details. Companies such as Cummins, Caterpillar, and John Deere have extensively tested biodiesel and are strong supporters.

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