Growing algae for biodiesel use

Although there are many different ways being experimented with to make biodiesel, algae is one of the most promising production sources for biodiesel. Although algae is by no means a new way to create biodiesel, with the current oil crisis going on in the world it is important for companies to look into new ways that they can quickly and efficiently create biodiesel.

Because algae is a renewable resource, it is a great source. Algae can grow in a wide range of conditions, they can grow in bodies of water or even damp places. Just like plants algae need sunlight and carbon dioxide so that it can grow. They use the sunlight for photosynthesis in which they turn sunlight energy into chemical energy. Algae can be grown in a closed structure called photo bioreactor.

In a photo bioreactor you can control the environment which will make you be able to create algae at a much faster rate then just waiting for it to grow in an open pond. The photo bioreactor can be set up to harvest algae by setting it up with nutrients and algal seed.

Different types of photo bioreactors include tanks, plastic sleeves or bags and even glass or plastic tubes. To grow algae at home you simply take a container and put a small amount of algae culture in it. To grow algae for biodiesel you need specific strains from the biodiesel.

If you add an aquarium bubble stone you will increase the growth and help the algae circulate. The only things you will need is CO2 nutrients, fertilizer, and some type of light source. Temperature range depends on the strain that you are using. Suggestions for light sources are fluorescent bulbs and even natural light which will both efficiently do the job.

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