New Report says United States Drives Global Biofuel Growth

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London, United Kingdom, 10/25/2008 – Report Buyer, the online destination for business intelligence for major industry sectors, has added a new report providing an outlook for the US biofuel industry.

The report “US Biofuel Market Analysis” anticipates the US biofuel industry, particularly ethanol production, to lead the world biofuel production during 2008-2017. The US has emerged as the world’s largest biofuel industry, with its ethanol production soaring to 4.9 billion gallons in the year 2006, an increase of around one billion gallons from the production level in 2005, and contributed 36% of the total global ethanol production. While the growth in ethanol production was substantially higher in 2006 from 2005, the industry still continues to enhance its production capacity.

Authors of the report believe that the global ethanol industry is centred around the US. Moreover, the US is expected to lead the global ethanol production in future. The main reasons behind this projection are the long-term government intervention (Renewable Fuels Standard policy) and setting up of more ethanol plants. Besides this, a continuous rise in domestic ethanol demand will encourage domestic producers to keep adding to the production volume in coming years.

According to the report this radical rise in ethanol production in the US has virtually affected every aspect of field crops sector – from domestic demand and exports to prices, acreage allocation among crops, and even the livestock sector. Under such commodity market effects, government payments, farm income and food prices have changed significantly.

Apart from ethanol, the report provides comprehensive information on market trends prevailing in the US biodiesel sector also. It exhaustively evaluates the biofuel industry, with segment-wise discussion on ethanol and biodiesel and identifies the major success areas. The study also highlights the main driving forces in the US biofuel market to help clients understand the leading-edge opportunities present in the industry.

In addition, the report provides forecast on renewable energy use in the US, ethanol production from different sources, biodiesel production, retail prices of ethanol and biodiesel.

“US Biofuel Market Analysis” is available from Report Buyer. For more information, see website. Report Buyer product ID: RCS00413

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