Processor FAQ

How long does it take to receive my processor after I ordered?

We keep most parts in stock. Some parts however depend on our local distributors availibility. We begin to build your processor in stages as soon as payment is received. We make every attempt to have your order to your door in 1 week or less. We ask that you allow us 2 weeks.

Is local pickup available?

Yes. We are located in the Dallas, Texas area and directions can be given if arrangement is prefered. Email us so prior to purchase to allow us to send an invoice without shipping charges. (Handling charges still apply for local pickup)

Can I see more pictures of the processors?

We have many pictures available on our site.

Will you demonstrate the process for us in person?

At time of pickup we will go over operating instructions. We wont be able to make biodiesel with the processors due to time retraints. You will have 100% confidence in using your product guranteed. Phone and email support is availble as well to all customers.

Where can I find used vegetable oil for free?

Any restaurant that deep fries food should have used oil. Most places are glad to have you take it off their hands (even saves them disposal costs in some cases!). Ask to speak with the manager or owner. Contracts arent required but sometimes are nice to have to ensure you are entitled to the oil for a preset amount of time.

Please email us at for more information or for details on larger orders

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